Volunteering for Aquiant Research

Volunteer for Aquiant Research

For those who are experiencing difficulties with their digestive systems — especially those for whom existing treatments have proven to be less effective than they might have hoped — participation in a clinical trial offers a number of benefits.

Foremost among these is the opportunity to be a part of the process of identifying new, more effective treatments. This includes the possibility of gaining access to an effective, new treatment that is unavailable to the public, one that may offer more benefits or fewer side effects. In addition, you may be helping to pioneer a treatment that will bring relief to thousands or even millions of others.

There is also often a benefit for participants in a clinical study. When testing a new drug, for example, the cost of all lab work, doctor visits, medications and supplies related to the study are typically paid for by the company sponsoring the study, not by the patient. This allows the participant to potentially benefit from the treatment at little or no cost.

To learn more or volunteer for a study, call 812.206.1702 or email dwalker@aquiant.com.