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Risks & Benefits

Clinical trials involve risks, just as typical medical care and daily life do. When deciding whether to participate, you should ask three key questions:

  1. What kind of harm could I experience from participating in the study?
  2. How serious could the effects of such harm be?
  3. What are my chances of experiencing such harm as a result of participating in the study?

In most clinical studies, there is a risk of short-term, minor discomfort. However, some participants experience complications requiring medical attention. In rare cases, participants experience serious injury or death from complications in trials of experimental therapies.

The specific risks associated with a research protocol are described in detail in the informed consent document, which participants are asked to sign before participating in research. A member of the research team will review any major risks of participating in a study and answer any questions you may have. Before deciding to participate, carefully consider possible risks and benefits.

Potential risks

Risks to participating in clinical trials include the following:

Potential benefits

As noted elsewhere on this site, well-designed and well-executed clinical trials can allow participants to:

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