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Informed Consent

Informed consent means providing potential participants with the key facts about a clinical trial before they decide whether to participate. That process of informed consent continues throughout the study, with additional information provided as it becomes available.

Before someone decides to participate in a clinical trial, members of the research team explain the details of the study. The potential participant is also provided with an informed consent document that includes details about the study. This covers the purpose of the study, how long it is expected to last, what procedures will be required, risks and potential benefits, how to obtain additional information and so on.

Once this process is complete, it’s up to the potential participant whether to sign the document and take part in the study.

It’s important to understand that informed consent is not a contract. Volunteers may decide to withdraw from the study completely or to refuse particular treatments or tests at any time. This may, however, make them ineligible to continue the study. Withdrawing from the study does not affect the patient's rountine healthcare.

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